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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Stay Away From s*x If You Want Blessings’ – Adokiye Kyrian

A few months ago, Imo State-born singer, Adokiye Kyrian, was in the news when she made an announcement that she is still a virgin and dared the dreaded Islamic terror sect, Boko Haram, to take her virginity in exchange for the kidnapped Chibok school girls.
The insurgents did not listen to her nor did they take her up in her challenge, but she drew lots of flak from Nigerians, with many saying she was only looking for cheap publicity, while others wondered how a lady like her could still remain a virgin in these days of moral decadence. But Adokiye, who calls herself the ‘pretty virgin’, is still insisting that not only is she a virgin, but is telling her peers to stay away from s*x as indulging in it could hinder one’s blessings. Adokiye, an Imo State Youth Ambassador, while speaking with Vanguard Newspaper, said though she has a boyfriend, the guy is yet to get past ‘level one’ since her affair with him is a no-s*x relationship because she wants to get her blessings before she gets down. Hear the s*xy singer: I have a boyfriend now, but what we share is AGAPE love; no s*x kind of love. Do you know s*x hinders blessings? Do you know s*x takes your hand very far from the reach of your blessings? (Abstinence) always works like magic. It’s faster than 100 million Babalawo’s power. Anyway, maybe it is okay for those who have license to have it but for me, I won’t have it until after marriage. I know I want to settle down and have kids. I heard, these days, things have changed; Menopause comes fast now! Young girls aren’t young again after all


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