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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Adding floating share button to wordpress using HTML code without installing plugging

You know just how it is when you’re searching for a worpress plugin without finding the one that does exactly what you want. I tried looking for a wordpress plugin to display the exact type of sharing buttons I was using on blogger but the one that looked almost like it didn’t work so well. These floating buttons include facebook share, facebook like, google +1, tweeter, stubleupon and digg. You can display the buttons
onthe left or right side of the page as you can see on this page you’re presently reading. Adding the share buttons to your wordpress blog is quite easy as there’s absolutely no need editing your template.
How to Add Floating Share Buttons to WordPress Without a Plugin
1. Go to Appearance > Widgets
2. Drag the Text widget to your sidebar and paste the code below in the text area

3. To make the buttons float to the left, find right:10px; in the code and change to left:10px; 4. Just save and view your blog to see the buttons appear. You can style the share buttons by changing the background color and other things. To change the background color, simply find and replace #eff3fa in the code with your own color code.
for those using  blogspot click here
Adding floating share button to google blogspot using HTML code


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