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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Jennifer Lopez Launches Weight Loss Challenge

Beginning today, JLo wants to whip you into shape! And really, who better to inspire and motivate us to get
our butts to the gym than the woman whose body is practically criminal at 45? (See the star consistently rivaling celebs half her age whether on the red carpet or leaving the gym!)
In an effort to combat the rising rate of obesity in the U.S., her 10-week program invites women all over the world to kickstart health and fitness goals, through the women-focused lifestyle and supplement brand she founded earlier this year, BodyLab. (Hear more from Jennifer Lopez on Staying Happy, Healthy, and Starting BodyLab!) 
“I’m asking the women of America to join me this spring in the #BeTheGirl challenge so together we can work, motivate, and empower each other to be the best version of ourselves,” she said. “When I eat, you eat. When I sweat, you sweat. When I run, you run. Let's kick start a healthy lifestyle together with the BodyLab line of products, free app and online tools.” 
In addition to the fitness tracking tools in the free app, participants are also promised to receive healthy and easy-to-make recipes, personalized fitness plans, and expert nutritional advice from JLo and a team of hand-picked experts. Best of all, after completing the challenge, you can submit a transformation story for the chance to go on a trip and even meet JLo herself!



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