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Friday, 14 August 2015

Nicki Minaj Grinds and Flaunts Big Booty in Robin Thicke's New Music Video

The 32-year-old rapper appears in Robin Thicke's new music video for his single "Back Together," rapping an epic verse while rocking a sexy leopard print skirt and a tiny floral bustier top that showed off her killer cleavage.
The video sees the 38-year-old "Blurred Lines" crooner throwing a party at his massive pad while
surrounded by booze and beautiful women clad in bikinis. He even gets thrown in the pool at one point—tuxedo and all—and appears to take interest in one particular woman, with whom he's later seen sipping on champagne and cuddling in a private outdoor setting.
Minaj enters the clip at about the 2:19 mark, grinding on the couch as Thicke admires her famous booty before she shakes her finger at the singer and struts out of the room.
Thicke, whose ex-Paula Patton filed for divorce in October 2014, recently performed his new single live on Good Morning America, where he spoke about the meaning behind the song and said it had nothing to do with his split.

"Actually I didn't write this song so I can't take credit for the meaning," he said. "I just heard this idea of getting back together and getting yourself back together, and what I was going through at the time I really, really related to that and connected to it."
He added: "It's more about the theme of getting yourself back together with love and partnership."
Meanwhile, Thick, 38, is currently dating 20-year-old April Geary Love, and in spite of their 18-year age difference, the singer's father Alan Thicke has given the model his stamp of approval.
"She's lovely," Alan recently told E! News. "It's a great time for him. [He has an] album coming out and April is there and supportive."


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