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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Join orders and start making money with clixsence

Here i come again on how to make money online tested, trusted and working very good i have been using it sine 2014 and it pays.
lets go on   first off all do you have the requirement
if you have one of the list above you are good to go. When it comes to find a genuine site to make money online for free, probably clixsense will come first. It is a ptc site but offers different ways of earnings. Before we elaborate about this site , here is something you want to know. what is PTC = Paid To Click is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. Paid-To-Click, or simply PTC websites, act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.
  1- This company started in 2007 
 2- you can have unlimited direct referrals
 3- unlimited advertisement to click
 4- daily income average may vary according to the membership you have
 5- Members from all over the world are allowed
 6- Offers 8 level lucrative affiliate program for premium members 
 7- Offers a premium membership plan with less cost which is $17 per year 
 8- Paid through paypal every Wednesday before 5 PM est.
HOW TO EARN? You can earn by
1- clicking ads
2- completing tasks
3-completing offers and surveys
4- playing clixgrid
5- daily checklist bonus
6-Affiliate program The first way to make money is just clicking ads.
There are unlimited of ads which will be added to your account time to time. Just log into your account click those ads. Unlike other ptc site clixsense has no limitation of ads in a day. You can check it several times in a day otherwise download their toolbar it will help you to be informed about ad notifications. KINDS OF ADS You will get different types of ads to click 1-micro ads 2-mini ads 3-standard ads 4-extended ads MICRO ADS- if you click micro ads it will take 5 seconds to view and will cause you to earn $0.001 each MINI ADS- This ads will take 15 seconds to view and you will be paid $0.005 for each STANDARD ADS- This ad will take 30 seconds to view and you will be paid $0.01 for each EXTENDED ADS- This ad will take 60 seconds to view and you can earn $ 0.02 for each So it is clear that you can earn $0.001 to $0.02 for each ad you click. For better understanding see the screen shot below pink color- extended ads green color- standard ads orange color- mini ads yellow color- micro ads
  Join and Start making money

Second way to earn is completing task. Tasks are micro jobs or small jobs provided by crowdflower. There will be number of tasks available for you to complete everyday.
you need to follow certain instruction  before completing any task. Once you completed a task, money will be added to your clixsense account balance. From each task you can earn few cents to several dollars.
Third way is completing offers. Offers are daily surveys,  sign up a particular website, cashback shopping, free downloads. Surveys are available according to the demographic locations. Each survey you complete you can earn $0.30  to several dollars.
fourth way is playing clixgrid

See the above picture . This is the clixgrid. Here as a standard member you have the opportunity to click 30 times. But for premium member 60 times. Each time you click it will open a sponsor’s website. There you have to view 5 second to know whether your luck support to win the clixgrid or not. you can win upto $10 which will go directly to your clixsense account.
There is no special strategy to win a clixgrid. The secret of winning a clixgrid is to clicking everday. Its a game, the more you play the more chances will be there to win.

Fifth way  is through checklist bonus. see below

Here in nov 23 I have clicked ptc ads 4
clixgrid 25 times
visited forum 8
the red cross mark you  have noticed  beside complete task  or offers these are the other requirements to get daily checklist bonus.
So here is the minimum requirements to get daily  checklist bonus
ptc ad – 2clicks
clixgrid-15 clicks
either  complete task – 10 or complete offer -2
visit forum- 1 page
If you have met that requirement in a particular  day  then you will get checklist bonus  $0.50

Sixth way  is through its powerful affiliate program
I like the clixsense affiliate program especially the way it designed. Affiliate program means its referral program. When you joined in clixsense you will get  your unique referral link. Now if somebody joined in clixsense by clicking your referral link, then they will be your direct referrals.
you will get commissions each time your direct referral click ptc ads, purchase advertising, completing task or offers. you will only earn commission from direct referrals but not from your direct referral’s referral. In clixsense earning of a premium member is substantial higher than the standard member. So, it will be wise if you upgrade your membership to premium.
It is powerful because the commission you earn from your referrals.

Here we can see as a standard member or a premium member  how much commission we can earn from our direct referrals PTC click in different types of ads.
These sign up bonus is not for standard member.
if you are a premium member of clixsense , then you can earn $0.50 sign up bonus if your direct referral earn $1 from ptc ad click.
clixsense is the best place to advertise. people want to purchase credit, to advertise their referral link or their website to get traffic. so in two way they can advertise their link. Either they have to purchase ad credit or purchase a clixgrid link. so whenever your direct referrals purchase a ad credit or a clixgrid link then as a standard member you will earn 10% commission upto $1 per referral but as a premium member you can earn commission 10% upto $2 per referral. However there is some limit per referral. As a standard member you can earn upto $50  per referral and as a premium member you can earn $100  per referral.
you also get commissions whenever your direct referrals complete the task successfully.  As a standard member you can earn 5% of your direct referrals  task earning and a premium member you can earn10% of your referral’s earning.
In clixsense daily number of offers are available. you also earn commissions whenever your direct referrals complete the offers. As a standard member you can earn  5% of  your direct referral’s offers earning and as a premium member you can earn 10%  of their offers earning
why it is wise to upgrade your membership to premium
You can earn money from clixsense as a free member. But you will realize the true power of clixsense when you upgrade your membership into premium status. But I should not recommend you to purchase your premium membership if you do not have any direct referrals. Because if you do not have referrals, then do not have commissions. So, try to get atleast 30 active direct referrals before you want to upgrade your membership. The benefit of upgrading your membership is you will get commission  $2 when your direct referrals purchase their premium membership and $1 from next level of referrals upto 7 levels deep.

 So for better understanding see below

Now you can realise why it is wise to upgrade your membership into premium. You need $17 to upgrade your membership into premium for a year which is very less comparative to other ptc site. See, here i am going to give another screenshot how your money will grow, if you will be a premium membership. suppose you have some direct referrals, your direct referrals have their direct referrals like that it will grow up to 8 levels. see  below. This screenshot is Downline size of a clixsense member who has earned lot of money from his referrals.

1- Sign up commissions $0.50 (when your direct referral earns$1)
2- commission up to $2 whenever your direct referral purchase ad credit or clixgrid link
3-higher direct referral click commissions
4-more chances to win clixgrid (60) times
5-more ads available
6-8 tier affiliate program
7-welcome ad credit 1000
8- minimum cash out $6, but for standard it is $8

Payment processor-   

Finally, I want to say that, if you are really looking for a site, where you can make money online fast, then you can join with clixsense by clicking the banner below. Regarding its payment, you will never be worried because this site already proven its longevity stance in 9 years.
for any problem please comment below



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