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Monday, 19 October 2015

How to Add Payoneer MasterCard to Paypal

Users from countries where full PayPal services like receiving and sending funds is restricted can still can add their MasterCards to their PayPal account. Their PayPal accounts will be empty due to the restriction but it can be used to make payments through a MasterCard. The key benefit of using PayPal in this way is that you
don’t have to enter your MasterCard information such as card number, CVN and expiry date every time you make a purchase, this saves a lot of hassle. For non-US freelancers in Asia or Africa, Payoneer MasterCard service is very useful because its signing up process is very easy and it’s free. Most freelancers working on Odesk or Elance use Payoneer MasterCard to withdraw funds and to purchase online stuff like hosting plans, apps and Amazon products.
First of all make sure you have an active Payoneer account. Then follow these steps for adding Payoneer MasterCard to PayPal account:
  1. Sign in to your PayPal account Sign up  first if you don’t have an account yet Sign up paypal.com)
  2. Put your mouse over “Profile” then a list of options will dropdown
  3. Click Add/Edit Credit Card
  4. Enter your MasterCard details – Name, Card Number, Expiration date, Card verification number.
  5. Enter the billing address same as on your Payoneer MasterCard account
  6. Click “Add Card”
Now that you’re card is added. You’ll need to verify it in the Add/edit card option. For verification you should have some money in your MasterCard, at least $2. PayPal will withdraw some money, then in your Payoneer MasterCard account you should see the PayPal transaction with a four digit verification code which you have to enter in your   the Add/edit card option for verification. Once the verification is complete the money will be refunded to your MasterCard. If you don’t have enough funds in your card you will receive an error that says, “the bank that issued your card didn’t approve your transaction”. After successfully adding the MasterCard, the next time you purchase something online you can choose your PayPal account which will safely make payments from your MasterCard for you.



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