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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Guy Wakes Up In Real SHITSTORM After Bringing Drunk Girl Home!

This guy was drunk and took home a girl. They did it and he passed out, but woke up feeling that his leg was wet. When he went to the
bathroom to check it out, he found his leg covered in shit. After checking to see if he had pooped on himself, he realized that it had to be the girl.
After showering he went to sleep in his roommates room, who was gone for the weekend. The next morning, when he remembered what had happened, he went upstairs to find out what happened. Upon opening the door, the stench hit him like a brick, and he saw his bed covered in poo.
The girl must have pooped, cleaned herself with his other roommate's towel, and fled the scene. His only solution was to clear everything off the bed and throw it out, and then cut a hole in the mattress, where it was soiled, and then flip it. After a few days with the windows open, his room was free of the shit smell.


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