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Thursday, 23 October 2014

A man caught under staircase raping a house help in Onitsha

a man was caught Yesterday in Onitsha Doing it under the step in his compound by 9:25 pm, But before he was caught, the girl that was raped said that the man grabbed her when her aunty send her to throw away dustbin outside. According to the girl, she was forced by the man under their step "but the man said that he ask her before they start doing it .......The reporter said that he was hearing some strange noises along their staircase and decided to go down with a Torch light because the staircase was already dark and there was no electricity at that time. when he came closer to them, the Man immediately released the girl and run out while the girl started crying. To my suprise the man was rich and own kia car and a very big shop in Onitsha main market. 'While can't he go to a hotel and do it with all those runs girls out there, but with this house help witch was only 18 yrs old tufia kwa!!! The reporter concluded. But now The rapist was under police custody..we will get to you if the case is over.


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