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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

5 Reasons Ladies Find It Difficult To Approach Guys

this topic has been going on for years, many guys don't seem to understand the reasons why ladies refuse to approach them.
Having grown up in an environment filled with ladies I know much about them and I came up with this thread

1). Shyness
This is one of the main reasons why ladies find it hard to approach guys the lack confidence and when they eventually get the boldness to approach they guy of their dreams they get the cold feet.

2). Arrogance
Some ladies are just so arrogant and full of thereselves they can't seem to reckon with the idea of approaching a guy they've instilled the idea that guys alone should approach a lady and not otherwise

3). Fear of rejection
Even we the guys fear rejection talkmore of the ladies, most ladies are afraid of rejection this sometimes can be a psychological problem both to the guys and the ladies.
The key to this is boldness and nothing else.

4). Fear of been ridiculed
This is a known fact to all that guys tend to be childish in cases like this, some guys even go as far as to tell all the guys in their department by so doing ridiculing the lady.[/

5). Respect
Some ladies believe that when they approach a guy, the guy automatically looses respect for the lady and tend to treat her like cabbage.


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