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Monday, 20 July 2015

tyga's ex-fiancée, Blac Chyna allegedly disappointed with J'Leon Love's sex skills

 The Lashed Bar owner sent a subliminal diss to her boxing beau posting, "I hate a fake freak." The model reportedly waited for her freak session with her new man after he completed his Ramadan fast Friday night.
The boxer posted that his fast was official over July 17, "Happy Eid Mubarak. May you be granted nothing
but blessings, Happiness, and prosperity."

It appears that they may have sealed the deal and Blac Chyna isn't impressed captioning the post with "Sheesh."
In a recent post, the model expressed that she was tired of waiting for J'Leon Love in the sexy video. What was the holdup you say? Well due to his religious belief he made the beauty wait until Ramadan (a strict fasting observed from sunrise to sunset) was over.
In the short Instagram video she tells her fans, "I want the D, but from one person."
Tyga's ex-fiancé refuses to hide her affection for the boxer told TMZ about her new romance or lack thereof.
"So listen, he's Muslim, so I'm still waiting," she told TMZ cameras.
The curvy model posted a selfie in her laying her bed and tagged her boxing boyfriend in the photo captioning it, "Countdown #ability" hinting about their 4 week wait after his strict boxing training and big fight would be over.
J'Leon commented, "Can't wait!"
Once he got the TKO, she demanded that he rushed to her via Instatgram, "Congrats @jleonlove #TKO Now come to me Zaddyyyy


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