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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Buhari’s Anti-corruption War Not Ending Anytime Soon – Soyinka

Nigeria’s Literary icon Professor Wole Soyinka on Saturday said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s ongoing war on corruption would last longer than expected.

Prof. Wole Soyinka at his office at the Freedom Park in Lagos stated that the current anti-corruption war was unusual adding that Buhari’s anti-corruption war would not stop abruptly like those of previous administrations.
Soyinka said: “I don’t think that will happen this time and the reason is this: We have not had corruption being exposed on this scale before. We have not had a situation where it is being alleged and increasingly proved that money which was supposed to have been spent on defending our nation, ourselves and our neighbourhood has been shared among individuals.
“We have never had the experience where we were in a state of critical emergency where children were being kidnapped under our noses and we were helpless and our soldiers were being sent to the warfront to defend our very existence and we were not backing them up with conduct that shows integrity and commitment.
“During the civil war, I am not aware, may be it existed on this scale, I am not aware but I am just saying that as somebody that has gone through a civil war, even though some of us spent it in prison, I have not heard such exposé.”
Soyinka noted that the anti-graft war would not be easy because whenever anyone fights corruption, corruption fights back. He, however, said plans by corrupt individuals to frustrate the anti-graft war would only intensify the war.


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